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Professional Services Redefined

The Professional Service environment has changed. There’s been a fundamental shift. Firms are no longer the driving force behind relationships.

 With competition more fierce than ever and the growing desire for clients to bring their professional service providers in house what’s going to be left is low value, low cost work backing some firms into the “commodity corner”

 The opportunity lies in adding deeper value to your client relationships not just in having more of them. The industry has changed from being focused on inputs to outputs.

This dynamic new landscape is called the Deep Value Economy.

Knowing Professional Service firms have historically been slow to adopt change we want to try to buck that trend and help firms act before it’s too late.

Here's what you can expect from our book “Professional Services in the New Era”:

  • The characteristics of the Deep Value Economy
  • What's changed
  • A real life example of a Deep Value Firm (including results) 
  • All the pieces you need to become a Deep Value Provider
  • Where to start your journey

Get the "The 5 Step Guide to Thriving in the Deep Value Economy"