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Drive Business Performance by gaining rapid & accurate access to Information through document uploading & processing tools.



Quickly manage large volumes of folders & files automatically through the

Expede Upload Desktop Application 



Our Document Upload Technology reduces your time & effort

Expede Upload Desktop Application provides the latest cloud transfer technology to enable the fastest & most reliable upload service:

  • Upload capacity is only limited by your internet connection, the application will adapt & utilise the available bandwidth up to 1GBs;
  • Files size is limited to a massive 100GB per file without any issue;
  • Utilises the available processing power of the uploading PC, the bigger the processor & memory the more files uploaded per second;
  • Files are transferred directly into Expede without intermediate processing, so available nearly immediately;
  • No need to outsource the process of sorting, uploading or document content capture, Expede provides a better, faster service directly;
  • Auto managing, even if interrupted or the PC is switch off, the application keeps track & will resume services as soon as possible;
  • Runs in the background, so upload files while you work or leave to process overnight, uploading & processing no longer takes time or effort;
  • Fully audited with complete details of all documents that can be provided as a detailed quality control record;
  • Secure access controlled through the users Microsoft Active Directory with auto sign-on;
  • Controlled Sync folders with Expede to ensure files are copied to the intended location & reduced risk of user error;
  • The Desktop application is a complimentary downloaded from the Expede Platform.


Expede upload processing gives you:

  • All file formats can be uploaded & securely stored within Expede along with their folder history, no files rejected;
  • No need to presort or order folders or files, Expede will automatically do this for you & remove systems files & replications;
  • Odd or non-conforming file names are supported rather than rejected even if they don't meet modern storage standards;
  • Expede can capture the contents of the  business files including: word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, pdf images, photos, pst, html, email;
  • Expede Artificial Intelligence reviews each page & determines the best method to recover its contents, including OCR, page rotation etc;
  • Expede document content extraction automatically happens during the upload process in near real time, files are available soon after upload;
  • Emails can be uploaded individually or in archive pst format, Expede will replicate folders, remove, store, link & make searchable attachments;
  • Expede will capture folder & file relationships while flattening the folder structure in Expede to support greater security & productivity;
  • Zip files can be automatically unloaded & saved within Expede.



Files can also be added within the Expede Platform by simple drag & drop





All-in-One Fully Integrated Business Performance Platform



Deliver the plan & scope with an integrated project management solution.
Address your greatest challenges with refined project management tools.


Create effective communication & team interaction both within your company & externally with your clients & suppliers with online collaboration tools.
Search & Discovery

Service name

Unlock the value of all information & documents. Substantially increase  performance and accuracy of work while reducing the time needed to search for key information.


Document Management

Get full control of your documents,  find what ever you need, when you need it with document imaging & search. Work with one version of the truth with automated document version control & a fully integrated document management system.


Total Quality Management

Service name

Easily support your quality assurance requirements with integrated TQM tools. Automatically capture all interactions & document history & meet or exceed your governance, client & legislative needs.

Knowledge Management

Unlock the true value of your business & grow your competitive edge. Through KMS tools automatically capture not only what was done by the team but also how it was done. 

Business Intelligence

Deep dive into how you are operating your company with business intelligence tools.  Quickly identify opportunities to grow your business & competitive edge & then  monitor progress.


Business Analytics

Apply analytics tools & perform advanced business analytics.  Move your business to new levels  of performance & grow your competitive position.

Time Management

Time management tools that automatically record team time. Obtain true & deep understand of how things are done & identify efficiency to grow your competitive edge & simplify billing.

Email Tracking

With Microsoft Outlook integration, easily drag & drop emails into Expede. Address the challenges of email attachments, with automated extraction, indexing & content gathering. Get control & collaborate with your team & manage emails.

Integrated Microsoft Ofiice

Significantly reduce your time & distraction by avoiding switching between applications & windows. With Office online fully integrated into Expede With co-working & auto save to Expede it really simplifies your business & boosts performance. 

Cyber Security

Expede is hosted through Microsoft Azure the most certified cloud solution available. Expede is fully certified by Microsoft for company wide user access through Microsoft AD multi tenancy single sign on.



Grow your business through Performance

Streamline how your operate

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